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    Sh.Hamid Ansari did not salute the India Flag. Right or wrong?
    I see two divided opinions about this viral subject:
    1. He is wrong he disrespected the Indian Flag
    2. He is right because only President should salute the flag
    All Mitrs here is my opinion:
    He was neither right nor wrong because the question of being right or wrong arises only if a action was required. According to Indian National Flag code Section VI 3.31

    ‘All persons present will stand at attention. Those present in uniform should render the appropriate salute.’

    Now the biggest problem is both groups are misinterpreting his action.
    People started to say he is wrong and must have saluted, Media (ABP NEWS) comes to defend him with even a worst logic saying that ‘No one but only president should salute’ they directly defended Ansari and indirectly blamed Modi and all others for saluting. For non uniformed persons it is not REQUIRED to salute at all, only standing in attention is required and he did it.
    It is optional for all to salute or not to salute except Army/ Police or other uniformed personals.

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