Many people do not donate blood even if they want to because of some myths associated with blood donation. Here is a attempt of Mitr to bust some of the myths related to blood donation:

Myth: Donating blood is painful
Fact: The pain is not more than a needle prick. It is never same as the pain of the one who needs it badly after a surgery or accident.

Myth: I have limited blood in my body and I will get weak if I donate blood
Fact: Donating blood has no ill effects on body. Body keeps generating two million new red cells every second. Plasma after donation is restored within 24 hours.

Myth: I am too old to donate blood.
Fact: Anyone up to the age of 60 years can donate blood without any problems.

Myth: It takes very long to donate blood
Fact: It is never more than an hour.

Myth: I am very skinny (thin) i cannot donate
Fact: Skinny or thin body is not a sign of weak body as fat body is not always healthy.