“MITR” was established in the year 2006 with the objective of providing youth avenues to take part in the process of nation building as well providing opportunities for the development of their personality and skills. To provide for all activities for improving the moral standards of the students and youth, promoting respect for all religion tolerance and cordial feelings and Social Awareness between man and man irrespective of difference of cast, colour, creed and religion

In the year 2006, “MITR” was set up with objects to serve the nation with utilising its coming generation and youths maximum potential and also to brush up the path of youth and teenagers so that they will be one of its kind in the world. It channelizes the power of youth who are in the age group of 13-35 years on the principles of voluntarism, self-help and community participation.

Over the years, “MITR” has established a network of youths at the grassroots level to involve them in nation building activities. The core strength of MITR lies in its network of youth iteractions. MITR is a facts based organizations working for community development and youth empowerment.

Youth Groups are composed of youth members ranging between the age group of 13-35 years. The basic objective for creation of youth Group is to render community support through developmental initiatives involving activities with particular focus on youth empowerment. The implementation of programmes and activities of youth groups is based on local needs and requirements by mobilizing resources from various government departments and other agencies, which include both national, State level and multilateral institutions.


Objectives of “MITR” are two fold :-

To involve the rural as well as urban youth in nation building activities.
To develop such skills and values in them with which they become responsible and productive citizens of a modern, secular and technological nation.
Main focus has been on developing values of good citizenship, thinking and behaving in secular ways, skill development and helping youth to adopt a productive and organized behaviour.
Vision :

Vision of the “MITR focuses on developing long term strategies for good citizenship and youth leadership at the grass root level. Youth Clubs are formed and encouraged to participate in sports, cultural and local development activities. Youth leadership is developed in the course of formation and sustenance of youth clubs. This leadership becomes highly useful in creating:-

Networks of MITR Groups.
Oppurtunities of participation in fundamental democratic practices of polity and development; and,
Instruments of empowerment of youth like skill-generation, awareness creation about health, life skills, and self employment.
Considering the fact that almost three-fourth of the Indian population is rural, the development of the nation as a whole depends on their progress and development. Besides, the demographic dividend that the country has enjoyed because of the larger segment of youth population, makes it almost mandatory for the largest youth organization like MITR to take up more and more of such programmes as will promise empowerment of youth.