The “MITR” has been the organ of the some lovers of our rich Culture & Art in its pursuit of the preservation and promotion of the cultural ethos and artistic traditions India and all mankind.

At present, the ”MITR” squarely embodies society’s committed endeavours to preserve, promote and perpetuate the traditional cultural forms and practices as well as artistic manifestations including folklore, literature, indigenous crafts and allied cultural expressions of the Indian society. The Group also represents the people’s growing engagement with the contemporary ethos and its desire to strike a balance with tradition and scientific temper in tune with the times. As such, the Group is also a reflection of the encouragement provided by the General Mankind towards the evolution and development of new cultural forms and artistic performances relevant to the aspirations and the needs of the contemporary society.

The Group functions through its wide network of institutions towards organizing various programmes and diverse activities. It also initiates new schemes and executes their implementation directly as also through its nodal agencies/institutions. In turn, the Group will also function as the nodal department for the implementation of schemes of the Group working in the field of culture such as Sangeet Natak Academy, Lalit Kala Academy, CCRT, ICCR, IIRCC all based in New Delhi, and West Zone Cultural Centre at Udaipur among others after having colaborations and affiliations as and when required.

In addition to organizing programmes and initiating cultural activities, the Group also visualizes and executes various programmes, schemes and facilities for the welfare of the artists including the provision of financial support. The Group also promotes and sustains art organizations and encourages programmes and performances to enhance the cultural climate in the State and to ensure the development of cultural organizations furthering its objectives.

The ”MITR” is functioning under Indian Laws, which has its own Social Policies. The programmes, activities and schemes are formulated and executed in accordance with this policy. The main objective of the ”MITR” in a nutshell is to effectively implement the “Cultural Policy” in tune with the letter and spirit in which it has been framed and published.

In addition to the schemes executed by the Group, various other cultural programmes and activities are also organized by the Group from time to time as per the requirement of the State Government, Central Government, and National Academies for the benefit of individual artists and artists’ community. Various Governmental/ non-Governmental agencies at National and State level such as SNA, LKA, CCRT, ICCR, WZCC, Other Zonal Cultural Centers, Dept. of HRD Ministry, State Academies etc. often collaborate with the Department in organizing of such activities.

To provide the public with a reliable source of information on its various schemes and programmes, the ”MITR” has duly compiled and published a “Citizens’ Charter” highlighting among other things, the methods and procedures for accruing benefits under the relevant schemes/programmes.